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Polyurethane products often are called “urethanes”, they are an extremely diverse product due to the multiple ways it can be configured during manufacturing. This material can be used in the manufacturing of flexible, high-resilience foam seating, rigid foam insulation panels, microcellular foam seals and gaskets, durable elastomeric wheels and tires (such as roller coaster, escalator and skateboard wheels), automotive suspension bushings, high-performance adhesives, surface coatings, surface sealants, and hoses. 



Ether Polyurethane- Excels in mechanical strength, offering high impact resilience and superior water resistance compared to Ester Polyurethane but has low heat resistance and chemical resistance. 

Ester Polyurethane- Excels in mechanical strength offering 30100% more mechanical strength than Ether Polyurethane with superior oil resistance. This rubber has low heat resistance, chemical resistance and low impact resilience. 

Super Abrasion Resistant Urethane (Vulkollan®)- A super abrasion resistant urethane which is far superior to conventional urethanes in abrasion resistance and load bearing. It is 6 times stronger in abrasion resistance and 1.5 times stronger in mechanical strength compared to the standard urethane. 

Abrasion-Resistant Urethane- Offering unique composition results in abrasion resistance that is 2.5 times higher than general urethane this material is a lower cost than Vulkollan® but offers the same attributes but to a lesser degree. 

Heat Resistant Urethane This urethane material has greater heat resistance up to 120°C (general urethane withstands up to up to 70°C). Suitable for use in applications where high mechanical strength is required in high-temperature range, such as work receiver for hot air dryer. 

Low Repulsion Urethane– This urethane offers more resistance to compression than normal urethane making it hard to deform, it excels in shock absorption. Due to its tensile strength and elongation being weaker than other urethanes of the same hardness it is not recommended for the absorption of large impact energy. 

Extra Low Hardness Urethane– This urethane has a high physical strength that cannot be obtained from conventional soft materials, it is highly resistant to impact and has little compression. 

Shock Absorbing Gel An extremely soft gel with Asker F hardness. Being a urethane-based synthetic rubber, it has high material strength offering a major characteristic of three-dimensional slow recovery – the function to recover after compression slowly and in multiple directions. 



General Information

Trade Name: Urethane 

Chemical Name: Polyester, Polyether Urethane 

Generally Resistant to: Ozone, Hydrocarbons, Moderate Chemicals, Fats, Oils and Greases 

Generally Attacked by: Concentrated Acids, Esters, Ketones, Chlorinated and Nitro Hydrocarbons 

ASTM D 2000 / SAE J200 Classification: BG 

MIL-R-3065 / SAE J-14 / MIL-STD-417 Classification: SB 

ASTM D-1418 Designation: AU, EU 


Physical Properties

Elongation: 250% to 900% 

Hardness Range (Durometer Shore A): 35 to 95 

Mechanical Properties

Compression Set: Poor to Good 

Rebound Rating: Poor to Good 

Flex Cracking Resistance: Fair to Good 

Abrasion Resistance: Excellent 

Tear Resistance: Good to Excellent 

Impact Resistance: Good to Excellent 

Flame Resistance: – – – 

Thermal Properties

Minimum Service Temperature: -40°F to -65°F 

Maximum Service Temperature: +180°F to +220°F 


Recommended Storage Conditions 

  • Store in a cool, dry place with temperature below 75°F.
  • Keep away from direct heat or open flames.
  • Avoid contact with solvents or other fluids.
  • Do not store in direct sunlight.
  • Keep products wrapped or sealed to minimize the absorption of moisture.
  • Store in a relaxed condition free from tension, compression or other deformation


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