Industrial Sponge and Foam

Known as sponge rubber or foam this material is a substance consisting of countless little air bubbles trapped in a solid or liquid state. Foam fabricating is the process of converting the polymer foam that is versatile and lightweight. During this process the foam fabricators melt the material down, froth it up, then cool it filling the material with little bubbles and gives it its sponge-like appearance.


Ideal for services like insulation, sealing, liquid absorption, vibration dampening, cushioning, protecting, soundproofing, filtering and providing structure.

  • This material is used across a wide range of industries, such as furniture, electronics, automotive, construction, healthcare, household, acoustics, and filtration. It is also used on oil rigs, satellites, and in weather balloons.

General Properties:

Elongation: 250%
Tensile: 40 psi
Compression Deflection: 3.5 +/-1.5 psi

NOTE: Thermal properties depend on the type of foam.

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