Industrial Wool Felt & Fiber

Here at Denver Rubber Company, we are experts in the manufacturing of felt and fiber custom gaskets. We excel in this industry due to our depth of knowledge and experience we have gained since 1972. We put customer service first, offering complete support to our clients from design to production, including material certification.

Our mechanically pressed felts, typically known as wool felts, are manufactured from wool and wool blends. The nature of wool fiber allows for the intertwining of carded wool through the combination of pressure, heat, moisture, and vibration. Our felt comes in various thickness, wool content, and density made for applications of oil and grease retainers, anti-squeak, vibration mounts, dust shields, sound insulation, and filters.

At DRC we offer many different types of felts like synthetic felts that are processed as a result of a series of barbed needles penetrating carded layers of synthetic fibers at a very high rate. We offer a treated fiber gasket material that is used for general purpose flange gaskets and is excellent for repelling liquids such as water, oil, grease, gasoline, etc.

For more information on a full list of specifications for our felts and fibers give us a call. Our trained and knowledgeable staff will help you find the right material for your application.

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