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development1The development and design team at Denver Rubber Company is continuously researching new materials to evaluate and ensure that we supply the best solution for your application regarding extruded rubber, seals or gaskets. We offer continuous design support, beginning with the conceptual drawing, continuing through the prototype phase, tooling acquisition and ending in full production for engineers and equipment designers. Our extensive inventory of raw materials assures a quick turn-around in most applications. DRCs’ experience extends to serve a wide range of industries. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified and committed to providing our services within these guidelines. For more than 40 years DRC has been building upon our reputation as the company to go to when expert design and implementation is required. When excellence in custom extruded rubber or foam products and services are demanded, DRC is the preferred DRCO_Logo_WHITEonBLACK_POS(source to support your industry. Using the most innovative solutions to solve our customers’ problems, we ensure the highest quality end product. In addition, our in-house quality control team adheres to the strictest expectations. Our capabilities range from small business applications to industrial size (OEM) orders, and include custom and prototyping services. Clearly, our many years in business lends us great credibility and has afforded us the opportunity to work on a variety of products. Contact the development and design staff today to learn how we can help you.

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